Mary Frances King
Short-Term Mission Fund


The Mary Frances King Short-Term Mission Fund is a quasi-endowment formed to financially support St. Andrew’s Church members who participate in short-term missions that are consistent with St. Andrew’s values. Its primary purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus with emphasis on discipleship.

St. Andrew’s recognizes a need to support its missionaries who want to serve on a short-term basis. This fund was formed to meet this need. The fund pays the needs of the short-term missionary, such as training, reasonable housing, living stipend, etc. through monies from interest accrued in the fund. Missions may be domestic or foreign and last between six months and three years.

The quasi-endowment receives funding from donations or other intra-church sources such as missions funds. One of the first donations received was from the St. Andrew’s Church Missions Committee, funded by St. Andrew’s Church offerings.  

All donations made to the fund will be 100% utilized towards missions of St. Andrew’s church members—forever.  


Do you qualify to apply for Mary Frances King Short-Term Missions Funds?

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, please complete the application linked below.

For more information, contact the Endowment Committee.


Beth Freeman, David Jung, Mary Carole Smith


All gifts are irrevocable. The endowment fund will live into perpetuity, utilizing its interest to pay for short-term missions around the globe. Gifts can be made in many forms, including but not limited to: stock transfer, mutual fund transfer, IRA charitable rollovers and cash.  

The endowment is held by the Arkansas Community Foundation. The Arkansas Community Foundation is a not-for-profit Arkansas Corporation exempt from taxation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any and all gifts made will be tax deductible.  

Checks can be made out to the Mary Frances King Short-Term Mission Fund and mailed to the Arkansas Community Foundation at:

Ashley Riggin Coldiron—Chief Development Officer
Arkansas Community Foundation
5 Allied Drive, Suite 51110, Building 5, 11th Floor
Little Rock, AR 72202

Please make clear in your payment that it is to the “Mary Frances King Short-Term Mission Fund.”  

If you have questions, you may email the Endowment Committee or you may contact a present member of the Endowment Committee.