Our mid-week service, Growing in Grace, is for all people in all walks of life who suffer from any type of addiction.

Every Wednesday evening, St. Andrew’s vans make the rounds to treatment centers and halfway houses to pick up those who do not have their own transportation. The evening begins with a home-cooked dinner that is prepared by various groups in the church and is followed by a time of praise and worship in the sanctuary, Biblical teaching and a 12-step, “roundtable” discussion. More than 100 people attend these weekly meetings, and the power of Jesus Christ is evident each week.

GIGs ministry does not stop at meeting the spiritual needs of those struggling with addiction. GIG has also donated clothing, food, furniture and even cars to those in need, following Jesuscommand to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Many who have been trapped in addictions find Gods grace at GIG and then in turn minister to others who need assistance in coming into the same place of grace.

For more information, contact Bill Carpenter.


Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. Hebrews 18:8

At St. Andrew’s, we believe that every child who comes through our doors is a uniquely crafted creation, made in his image; worthy of value, dignity and unconditional love. We long for our children to know that they can boldly approach the throne of God confident of his enormous love for them, knowing they are his pride and joy, that his heart breaks with theirs and he cries at their pain.

GiG Kids is a ministry for children of the adults who attend GiG. The Bible stories most of our own children have heard over and over, our GiG kids have never even heard. We have the awesome opportunity every Wednesday of not only getting to share who Jesus is with these precious kids, but also helping them realize that he sees them, he knows them, he loves them and he is with them in every circumstance. Most of the kids who are with us are highly affected by choices that are not their own. They have been through tough things at a very young age that have affected their hearts greatly. Through stories, games and art, we have the privilege of introducing them to an awesome God who never changes.

Every year, we share the Gospel by going through and teaching from the Gospel Story Bible. Each summer, we start over by introducing them to the story of creation. The rest of the year they learn about God’s rescue plan by introducing them to stories from the Old Testament. They learn that Jesus is the Son of God. They hear about the life of Jesus, his death and his resurrection. Our prayer is that they are introduced to the love of Jesus, that their hearts will be changed forever.

In the four and a half years prior to COVID, we have had more than 450 kids come through GiG Kids. Some are with us just once, and some have been with us for years. Please pray that God would continue to draw our hearts to him as we attempt to show these precious children who he is and how much he loves them. Please pray that their hearts would be invaded, affected and changed by the love of Jesus.