Adult discipleship classes are a time our community sets aside in order to plunge deeper into the “what” and “how” of living in God’s Kingdom. Taking time to submit ourselves in study under God’s Word is part of how the Spirit transforms us more in Jesus’ image by seeking the renewal of our minds.

Because we desire to study God’s Word as disciples of Jesus, not as disinterested religious students, our goal is that we would not simply walk away having acquired more information about God, but rather walk away having our hearts pierced by God’s gracious Word (Hebrews 4:12) with a greater vision for following Jesus in his Kingdom.

Gifted teachers bring to life the beauty of God’s word in an environment where relationships are built and people are able to interact in a conversational and relaxed setting. As we engage with God and his word in community with one another, we invite the Holy Spirit to come and renew our minds, reorder our priorities and reshape our habits around the person and work if Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mornings

Taught by Tony+ Davis. | Commons  |  June 2–August 11

When faced with a moral dilemma, how does one make ethical decisions? In this course, we will discuss ethical frameworks and how to make moral choices that are based on Scripture. We will review classical and early Christian ethics, discuss a Christian ethical framework to making these decisions, then put this framework into practice by looking at various case studies. Topics will include: abortion, reproductive technologies, genetics/biotechnology, death and dying, capital punishment, war and morality, sexual ethics, and economics in the workplace. Be prepared to discuss each case study in small group and large group settings.

Course Book (recommended, but not required)
Introducing Christian Ethics by Scott B. Rae

During the Week

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summer events

June & July

St. Andrew’s women’s ministry has planned ton of events over the summer. Check out the listing here and register for what you’d like to do. Many of the events have limited spots, so sign up soon!

men’s groups

Men’s Fellowship

Tuesdays  |   noon  |   Andrew Room

Men gather in the Andrew Room at noon on Tuesdays for lively biblical discussion. Bring your lunch and join us as we delve into his Word, establish new friendships and have a little fun.

Contact: Martin Menees—501.224.0578